Friday, October 14, 2011

Gaspare Messina and the Boston Mafia

October 2011 Contents
Feature Article
By Richard N. Warner

Part Two of a History of the New England Mafia

Gaspare Messina and the Rise
of the Mafia in Boston

By Richard N. Warner
"Only a very small number of American Mafiosi ever rose to the exalted position of capo dei capi – boss of bosses. The short list of those who have served as supreme leader of the Sicilian criminal society in the United States includes illustrious names: Giuseppe Morello, Salvatore 'Toto' D’Aquila, Giuseppe 'Joe the Boss' Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano. Though this list of underworld czars is by no means unwieldy, one name is almost always omitted from it.
"Perhaps because he differed in a number of important ways from the other occupants of the high office, Gaspare Messina’s short but important term as Mafia capo dei capi is generally neglected..."

Fifteen and a half pages including two pages of notes and twelve images.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Look at the map of boston massachusetts -
you will see Moon Street - connects - Lewis -
and North Street .Garpare Messing local boss
mafia boss of Boston Massachusetts during 1919
(1921).and 98 Prince Street Mafia Headquarters.
(each street is connect to each other )So wouldnt
it make sense that John Roselli aka Filippo Phillippo
Sacco hung out on the streets grew to know the
neighborhood thugs since Sacco lived at 6 Moon St.
Boston .Includes names :vincenzo Sr ,Maria ,
Vincent (cincenzo jr),Salvatore,Jos ,Anthony,Filippo,
(does not include Edith Sacco Daigle born 1917(?)
Maria Sacco married Liberato Cianciulli 2-8-1922.
Vincenzo Sr died 1918 and Son Vincenzo Jr 1936.
So John Roselli aka Filippo Sacco was among brothers.
Maria Sacco 6 moon occupation waitress Restaurant.
Working Mother with hardly no time on her hands must
of allowed her sons to run the streets hang out with pals.
Which is the cause of many a boy to get self into trouble?
So Roselli Sacco age 6 in Boston Massachusetts 1911,
lived in Boston from 1911- to 1923 when he left town.
Supposedly stop off Ny then to Chicago Illinois where he
may of made a aquaintance of few hoodlums in the area,
Which made offer of money to do some jobs or errands.
If he did these jobs well he was a made man with brotherhood.
Then John Roselli aka Sacco left Chicago for Los Angeles.