Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last Word on 'Last Testament'

April 2012 Contents
Feature Article

The Last Word on 
'The Last Testament'
By Richard N. Warner

"In 1975 the publishing house of Little, Brown and Company released The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano, penned by movie producer Martin A. Gosch and former New York Times journalist and author Richard Hammer. The book became a near-bestseller, and a paperback edition soon was published by Dell....
"Although Last Testament was positively received by the public, it came under heavy fire by journalists who had years specializing in organized crime research. The first negative criticism was offered by New York Times organized crime specialist Nicholas Gage. It was followed by a scathing review from former New York Post writer Tony Scaduto. The harshest criticism, however, came from an official government source – the Federal Bureau of Investigation..."

Twenty-nine and a half pages
Including twelve images and four and a half pages of notes.

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