Friday, April 26, 2013

Gunmen of the Castellammarese War - Part 5

April 2013 Contents
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Gunmen of the Castellammarese War, Part Five 
A lifetime of tangling with the law:
Salvatore 'Sally Shields' Shillitani
By Lennert van‘t Riet, David Critchley and Steve Turner

Salvatore Shillitani
"The fifth and final chapter of our series Gunmen of the Castellammarese War features the life of Salvatore Shillitani, better known as 'Sally Shields.' More than the others mentioned in the series, Shillitani’s life after the Castellammare War was one of incarceration and bending to penitentiary rules. In the criminal world, he was a failure. How Shillitani enrolled in such a life is unclear, but one factor may have been the bad examples he received from relatives..."

Twenty-four pages, including four pages of notes and thirteen photographs.

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