Thursday, May 8, 2014

Early NY Mafia - an alternative theory

May 2014 Issue Contents
Feature Article

Sicilian hometown allegiance and kinship ties
may have played larger roles in early Mafia
development than previously thought

The Early New York Mafia:
An Alternative Theory

by Richard Warner, Angelo Santino and Lennert Van`t Riet.

"Much of what has been widely accepted as early New York City Mafia history hinges on a particular interpretation of a small collection of source material. As availability of sources from that early era has improved, additional interpretations have become possible. It now appears that many of the long-accepted 'facts' and the history that has been woven from them may have been flawed. We cannot know what additional revelations the future may hold, so it is unlikely that our analysis of existing materials will be 'the final word' written on this subject. However, it is important to document the additional clues that recently have come to light and to fit a workable interpretation to the new data as a starting point for future research..."

100 pages, including 21 images, 21 maps and tables, and 12 and a half pages of notes.

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