Thursday, September 22, 2016

October 2016 issue of Informer

October 2016 Issue Contents

A highly regarded sculptor of granite was shot to death at a 1903 meeting of socialists in Vermont. Elia Corti joined a growing list of martyrs to the radical leftist cause of anarchism, championed by Vermont-based newspaper editor Luigi Galleani.

A short time after the death of Corti, followers of Galleani engaged in a war of terror against leading figures of capitalism and the government of the United States. The little-remembered fight involved government abuses of individual rights, wholesale deportations of foreigners deemed to be threats and a series of anarchist bombings that climaxed with a deadly explosion on Wall Street.

In this issue, Thomas Hunt looks at the Corti killing (Link) and the anarchists’ conflict with the U.S. (Link).

Also in this issue:

  •   Historian/genealogist Justin Cascio explores 100 years of family links among the leaders of the Corleone, Sicily, Mafia and its U.S. Mafia offshoots. (Link).
  •   Book review and notes (Link).
  •   In ‘The Warner Files,’ Richard N. Warner discusses the entertaining but flawed history told by Herbert Asbury (Link).
  •   100 Years Ago (Link).
  •   In ‘Just One More Thing,’ Thomas Hunt tries to track down elusive Providence, Rhode Island, boss Frank ‘Butsey” Morelli (Link).

48 pages including covers and nine pages of advertisements.

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