Friday, April 1, 2011

Book Reviews: Capone, Luciano

April 2011 Contents
Book Reviews
By Ryan Artis and Thomas Hunt
Young Al Capone: The Untold Story of Scarface in New York, 1899-1925Young Al Capone by the Balsamo brothers purports to chronicle the notorious Chicago gang boss's formative years, 1899 to 1925, in Brooklyn and Chicago. The book promises previously unrevealed facts and insights into Capone's rise and an as yet untold story of how he received his famous facial scars. The book ventures away from the standard formula of previous investigative biographies address the subject of Al Capone and other organized crime figures. It makes no reference to any of the sources used to compile the facts within its covers...
Lucky Luciano: The Real and the Fake GangsterIn Lucky Luciano: The Real and the Fake Gangster, author Tim Newark set out to dispel myths and "tell the true story of the legendary gangster..." It was an enormous undertaking, and the author deserves our appreciation for tackling a historical record so contaminated by decades of misinterpretations, exaggerations and outright lies. Unfortunately, Newark's book fell significantly short of its goal and may have provided additional support for some inaccurate underworld legends...

Book reviews: Five and a half pages.

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