Friday, April 1, 2011

Miners Battle Black Handers

April 2011 Issue Contents
Feature Article
By Thomas Hunt

Anti-Mafia crusader Rev.Cerruti
"Sicilian/Italian crime in the northeastern Pennsylvania region - the communities of Carbondale, Scranton, Pittston, Browntown, Old Forge, Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton - was documented as early as 1888, when immigrants, including about one hundred and fifty Italians, toiled nearby on Lehigh Valley Railroad construction. On October 19 of that year, Paymaster 'Barney' McClure and Foreman Hugh Flannigan took a horse-drawn buggy from their work camp near Plains Township into Pittston to pick up the payroll for the Charles McFadden railroad construction company..."

Six and a half pages with five photographs and one page of notes.

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DerekCap said...

Father Antonio is my father's uncle, and we have been trying to find out as much about him as we can. I thank you for your article, and my father will thank you when the print version arrives for him.