Friday, July 22, 2011

Genesis of the Mafia in Boston

July 2011 Contents
Feature Article

Part One of a History of the New England Mafia

Genesis of the Mafia in Boston

By Richard N. Warner

G. Cocchiara
"The history of Boston’s Mafia goes back at least to the beginning of the Twentieth Century, yet it is a story barely touched by organized crime historians.
"Many are familiar with more recent Boston badmen – Irish-American gangsters, such as James 'Whitey' Bulger or Italian-American ones like Vincent 'the Rifleman' Flemmi. Raymond Patriarca may be the earliest Mafia boss known to most Bostonians. Some specialists may be aware of his predecessor, Philip Buccola. But the history of the New England outfit goes back much farther and is much richer than many realize..."

Ten pages including five photographs, one map and one page of endnotes.

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