Friday, July 22, 2011

Hoover: 'Plagued Ever Since..."

July 2011 Contents
Feature Article

Nearing the end of a long career as the director of the
Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover
reflected upon his early denials of the
existence of the American Mafia.

'I have been plagued ever since...'

By Alex Hortis

"One of the enduring mysteries about J. Edgar Hoover is why he resisted going after the American Mafia. For his first thirty-three years as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1924 to 1957, Hoover engaged in few sustained actions against organized crime.
"Absent any personal explanation from Hoover for his reluctance, others have filled the void with speculation. Their theories have ranged from plausible to wildly conspiratorial.
"A newly discovered handwritten note by the late FBI director provides fresh insight into this controversy..."

Fifteen and a half pages including nine photographs and two and a half pages of endnotes.

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