Saturday, June 14, 2008

Introducing Informer

Informer: The Journal of American Mafia History is a quarterly publication scheduled to begin circulation in fall 2008.

Informer Issue #1The journal was created to satisfy two distinct needs. The first is that of readers like you for reliable information on the American Mafia criminal society. Much of what has appeared in print to date is poorly researched, drearily written or both. You look for and you deserve history that is both interesting and accurate.

The second need is that of superior Mafia historians for a forum worthy of their efforts. Gone are the many of the true crime periodicals of yesteryear, but the drive of historians to uncover and to convey the truth remains as strong as ever.

Along with expertly researched and written historical pieces, we will strive to put the American Mafia in its proper context by presenting a collection of important current events. These news items, based on the best available sources, will be written with an eye to the continuing evolution of the American Mafia.

Informer is edited by Thomas Hunt, a veteran journalist and award-winning author. Articles are written by individuals who have exhibited a determination to uncover the truth and a knack for delivering effective prose.