Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ad discounts for true crime authors

To commemorate the beginning of the journal's fourth year of publication (yeah, we can hardly believe it ourselves), Informer is offering a special advertising discount to true-crime authors promoting their own books. The discount offer is available only for a limited time and ONLY TO TRUE-CRIME AUTHORS.

Any full-page book advertisement ordered and paid for by Sept. 23, 2011, will cost just $40 (US) - an enormous savings off the usual Informer price for full-page ads.

You may use this discounted price to place ads in any or all of the four Informer issues to be published in the coming year - beginning with the October 2011 "holiday season" issue - providing your order, your ad copy* and your payment are all received by the Sept. 23, 2011, deadline (earlier, if you need an ad designed for you). This discount will not be extended and may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

The Informer publication schedule is shown below:

OCT 2011 Issue
(Holiday season)
Release Date – Oct 24.

JAN 2012 Issue
Release Date – Jan 23, 2012.

APR 2012 Issue
Release Date - Apr 23, 2012.

JUL 2012 Issue
Release Date - Jul 23, 2012.

* The details:
Full-page ad dimensions are 7.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall.
If you have an ad already prepared in those dimensions (or easily scaled to those dimensions), you can send it with your emailed order to as a high-resolution (no-compression / low-compression) JPG image.
If you need an advertisement designed for you, please email your ad "copy" (wording) along with JPG images of your book and yourself no later than Sept. 10. This earlier deadline will allow us time to create your ad and have it reviewed/approved by you before publication.
In either case, you will receive an emailed invoice for the advertisement through the PayPal service. That is payable online with credit card or cash transfer.

The discount is not available to publishing companies or publicity firms or writers of fiction. The Informer publisher alone will determine whether a discounted advertising order has been properly received from a true-crime author.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, email us at