Monday, October 12, 2015

Ad: Stamp Counterfeiting book by Petschel

Stamp Counterfeiting
New from H.K. Petschel
True crime stories covering the period from 1894 to 1940. Stamp Counterfeiting appeals to any philatelist who shares the author's obsession with these 'fascinating little bits of paper.' Author H.K. Petschel researched newspaper archives, police records and the National Archives to uncover the progression of this unrecognized crime.

Ad: Tom & Lucky and George & Cokey Flo

Tom & Lucky and George & Cokey Flo
(a novel)
by C. Joseph Greaves
Charles 'Lucky' Luciano is the most powerful gangster in America, Mob overlord and bootlegger millionaire. Thomas E. Dewey is an ambitious young prosecutor determined to bring him down, and Cokey Flo Brown – grifter, heroin addict and sometime prostitute – is the witness who claims she can do it. Only a wily defense attorney named George Morton Levy stands between Lucky and a life behind bars, and between Dewey and the New York Governor's mansion.