Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Informer advertisers to date

We wish to thank the following advertisers who have supported Informer: The History of American Crime and Law Enforcement:

The American Mafia website (www.onewal.com, mafiahistory.us);
Bad Seeds in the Big Apple: Bandits, Killers and Chaos in New York City 1920-1940 by Patrick Downey;
Balls: The Life of Eddie Trascher, Gentleman Gangster by Scott M. Deitche;
Bonnie and Clyde: The Lives Behind the Legend by Paul Schneider;
But He Was Good to his Mother: The Lives and Crimes of Jewish Gangsters by Robert A. Rockaway;
The Case Against Lucky Luciano: New York's Most Sensational Vice Trial by Ellen Poulsen;
The Company She Keeps: The Dangerous Life of a Model Turned Mafia Wife by Georgia Durante;
The Complete Public Enemy Almanac by William J. Helmer and Rick Mattix;
Deep Water: Joseph P. Macheca and the Birth of the American Mafia by Thomas Hunt and Martha Macheca Sheldon;
The First Family: Terror, Extortion, Revenge, Murder and the Birth of the American Mafia by Mike Dash;
The First Vice Lord: Big Jim Colosimo and the Ladies of the Levee by Art Bilek;
Gangsters Incorporated website (www.gangstersinc.ning.nl);
King of the Sunset Strip by Steve Stevens and Craig Lockwood;
Knokaround Apparel (www.knockbacks.com);
Knokaround Apparel & Gorilla Convict Publications;
Legs Diamond: Gangster by Patrick Downey;
The Life and Death of Pretty Boy Floyd by Jeffery S. King;
The Mafia and the Machine: The Story of the Kansas City Mob by Frank Hayde;
The MobTours of Niagara Falls;
A Murder in Tulsa: The Sherrill Murder Case & The Rise of the Barker-Karpis Gang by Michael Koch;
On the Rock by Robert Livesey;
On the Spot Journal of Crime and Law Enforcement in the Twenties through the Thirties;
The Origin of Organized Crime in America by David Critchley;
The Rise and Fall of the Dillinger Gang by Jeffery S. King;
Running with Dillinger: The Story of Red Hamilton and Other Forgotten Canadian Outlaws by Edward Butts;
The Silent Don: The Criminal Underworld of Santo Trafficante by Scott M. Deitche;
The Starker: Big Jack Zelig, the Becker-Rosenthal Case and the Advent of the Jewish Gangster by Rose Keefe;
Superthief by Rick Porrello;
Uncle Al Capone by Deirdre Marie Capone.

Informer contributors to date

We wish to thank the following individuals, who have provided articles/research data or granted extended interviews to Informer: The History of American Crime and Law Enforcement:

Ryan Artis, Arthur Bilek, Deirdre Marie Capone, David Critchley, Scott Deitche, Patrick Downey, Justin Dugard, Bill Feather, Sandra Harmon, William J. Helmer, Alex Hortis, Thom L. Jones, Jeffery S. King, Chriss Lyon, Rick Mattix, Arthur Nash, Gregory Peduto, Rick Porrello, Ellen Poulsen, Marina Riggio, Richard Shaw, Martha Sheldon, Steve Stevens and Craig Lockwood, Michael A. Tona, Edmond Valin, Richard N. Warner.