Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday SALE on print edition issues

MagCloud, publisher of Informer's print edition, has made holiday gift-giving easier with significant discounts on magazine purchases from now through Jan. 1, 2010. If you're looking for a unique present for a mob history aficionado, consider giving the affordably priced Informer issues shown below. Click on an issue description to preview or purchase.

(If you've already purchased some Informer print issues for yourself, this is an excellent time to fill in the gaps in your collection at a bargain price!)

1. September 2008
Contents: The Mob's Worst Year: 1957, Part 1, by Thomas Hunt / Capone's Triggerman Kills Michigan Cop by Chriss Lyon / New Orleans Newspaperman Reveals His Role in 1891 Anti-Mafia Lynch-Mob / A Look Back: 100 Years Ago, 75 Years Ago, 25 Years Ago / Book Reviews: Frank Nitti; The Mafia and the Machine; The First Vice Lord; The Complete Public Enemy Almanac / Author Interview: David Critchley / Ask the Informer: Joe DiGiovanni of Kansas City / Current Events: John A. Gotti, James "Whitey" Bulger / Deaths: John Bazzano Jr., Frank "the German" Schweihs, Carl "Tuffy" DeLuna.
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2. January 2009
Contents: Martyr: Joseph Petrosino by Thomas Hunt / Kansas City Mafia Membership Chart 1910s-1940s by Bill Feather / The Mob's Worst Year: 1957 Part Two by Thomas Hunt / A Look Back: 100 Years Ago, 50 Years Ago, 25 Years Ago, 1 Year Ago / David Critchley Book Review of Open City by William Ouseley / Book Review: The Last Undercover by Bob Hamer / Book News: Cumberland House True Crime Titles / Author Interview: Scott Deitche / Ask Informer: Saverio Pollaccia, Society of the Banana / Current Events.
Regularly $13.20.
NOW ON SALE for $10.40.

3. April 2009
Contents: The Dreaded D'Andrea by Richard N. Warner / 80 Years Since the Valentine's Day Massacre / Chicago's Early Mafia Bosses by Thomas Hunt / Chicago Outfit Membership Chart 1920s-40s by Bill Feather / Author Interview: Arthur Bilek / Ask Informer: The Chicago Heights Mafia / Book Review: The Origin of Organized Crime in America by David Critchley / Book Notes / A Look Back / Current Events.
Regularly $13.20.
NOW ON SALE for $10.40.

4. July 2009
Contents: 1909 Mafia Murder in Danbury, Connecticut, by Thomas Hunt / Maranzano Muddle by David Critchley / Pittsburgh Mafia Membership Chart by Bill Feather / My First Dinner with Mickey by Steve Stevens and Craig Lockwood / Book Reviews: The First Family by Mike Dash; Mafia Son by Sandra Harmon / Interview: Patrick Downey / Ask the Informer: John Gotti / Book Notes / A Look Back / Current Events.
Regularly $12.42.
NOW ON SALE for $10.02.

5. October 2009
Contents: Castro and the Casinos by Thomas Hunt / Jack Ruby Visits Havana / Buccellato's Bushwick Crew by Justin Dugard / Early Bonanno Membership Chart / Book Reviews: The Mad Ones by Tom Folsom; The Canary Sang But Couldn't Fly by Edmund Elmaleh / Interview: Martha Macheca Sheldon / Ask the Informer: William Flynn's NYPD Career / Book Notes / A Look Back / Current Events.
Regularly $12.50.
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6. Informer Index - Vol. 1 and 2
Contents: A complete index to the five issues of Informer: The Journal of American Mafia History published in 2008 and 2009.
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