Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ad: Uncle Al Capone

Uncle Al Capone: The Untold Story from Inside His Family.
By Deirdre Marie Capone

An intimate biography of the Windy City's most notorious gang boss, as well as a frank, personal memoir of the difficulties of growing up as "a Capone."

Visit: www.unclealcapone.com
or Uncle Al Capone on Amazon.com

Ad: Knokaround Apparel

Friend of ours, Knokaround Apparel, has begun offering underworld-themed threads designed for “individuals… with a Mob mentality.”

Determined to offer an alternative to usual t-shirts and caps, Knokaround Apparel provides a clothing line featuring themes and scenes of a time when the ‘mob’ was something of a mystery, and always diabolically fascinating.  The clothing holds screen-printed images of classic mobsters, important underworld-linked locations and related news headlines.

Individual… with a Mob Mentality!

Culled from history within 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, Knokaround’s designs are more than mugshots… they are unique collages of infamous and iconic moments and characters from the American underworld.  Vintage, yet contemporary; there’s a Knokaround shirt for anyone ever interested in those fancy suit-wearing, rolls of cash carrying wiseguys the press called gangsters and mobsters.

The first Knokaround line, now available, includes familiar faces such as Al, Lucky and Bugsy.  (A very special Valentines Day design became available for a limited time in February.) Durable and environmentally friendly, each Knokaround design is screen printed on organic cotton shirts.

Connected:  Knokaround Apparel recently began a partnership with tattoo and piercing boutique Heavy Hand Tattoo, located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Heavy Hand patrons can purchase one of the unique shirts or hats in the Knokaround line from any of their staff members. National and international Knokaround fans can go directly to the website www.knockbacks.com.