Friday, July 16, 2010

America's first Mafia war, 1868-1872

Vol. 3, No. 3, July 2010 Contents
Feature Article

New Orleans, Louisiana, was home to the earliest
Sicilian criminal society in the United States.
In 1868-1872, the city also hosted...

America's first
Mafia war

By Thomas Hunt
and Martha Macheca Sheldon

"Late in the 1868 Presidential election season, a large, heavily armed Democratic organization known as the Innocenti took to the streets of New Orleans' French Quarter in an effort to break up Republican meetings and to discourage newly enfranchised African-Americans from casting ballots for Republican nominee... No one could have imagined that a single event that night would lead to a protracted gang war and would plant the seed of a united, regional Sicilian criminal organization."

Thirteen pages
including two pages of notes.
Nine images including a map of New Orleans.

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