Monday, January 20, 2014

"Miracle of Brooklyn"?

January 2014 Issue Contents
Feature Article

A Brooklyn parish sacrifices for peace
but experiences pain and bloodshed

The Regina Pacis crowns

By Thomas Hunt

"Holy items dedicated to lasting world peace played an ironic role in tumult and violence within a Roman Catholic parish in Brooklyn. The items were a pair of precious jeweled crowns, blessed by the Pope, and fastened to a mural at the Regina Pacis Votive Shrine of St. Rosalia’s Parish. The crowns were twice stolen from the shrine and twice returned. The thefts caused widespread anguish, resulted in several arrests, and were linked to at least one gangland murder and the start of a long and bloody rebellion inside a Brooklyn-based crime family..."

Forty-two pages including seven and a half pages of notes and twenty-three photographs.

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