Monday, January 20, 2014

The Ascent of Genovese

January 2014 Issue Contents
Feature Article

The ascent of Vito Genovese

By Lennert van`t Riet, David Critchley and Steve Turner

Vito Genovese
"Much has been written about Vito Genovese, widely regarded as the single most powerful figure in the American Mafia during the 1940s and 1950s. Genovese was the subject of two published biographies and figured prominently in the well-publicized recollections of Joseph Valachi, the benchmark Mafia informer who exposed the workings of Cosa Nostra. Valachi portrayed Genovese as a ruthless individual, who murdered his way to the top of his secret criminal society. That description is generally accepted. However, the precise route by which Genovese became such a commanding figure in the underworld has been unclear..."

Forty-four and a half pages including eight pages of notes and eighteen photographs.

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MightyDR said...

Great article on Genovese. Plenty of info I'd never read before plus provides the facts around the better known stories from his life.