Sunday, October 18, 2020

Gentile’s other family

October 2020 Issue contents - Feature

A wife and children in Rochester, New York?

Gentile’s other family

By Thomas Hunt

"Genealogical records appear to have explained Gentile’s off-hand mention of Finger Lakes, New York, communities in his book, Vita di Capomafia: The mob big shot hay have had a wife and children in that area. The mention occurred early in Chapter 10, during a discussion of 1932 events that would lead to the murder of Pittsburgh Mafia boss John Bazzano. Gentile stated that he was leaving the Cleveland-Pittsburgh region, wanted to say goodbye to his friend Bazzano but could not find him. Bazzano apparently had been aware of the planned departure. Gentile considered the lack of a sendoff rude 'because I had done so much for this wretch. I had even proposed him as head of the Pittsburgh borgata. I could not understand his behavior.' But Gentile, as arranged, “left for Syracuse in New York State...”

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