Sunday, October 18, 2020

Statement to Agent DiLucia

October 2020 Issue contents - Resource

Statement to Agent DiLucia

"U.S. Customs Agent Francis X. DiLucia interviewed Nicola Gentile at Naples, Italy, on March 5, 1940. Gentile provided information on Mafia hierarchy, interstate drug rings and, apart from his official statement, offered to assist police in resolving the murders of Dominick DiDato in New York and Dr. Giuseppe Romano in Cleveland. In a letter recording Gentile’s statement, Agent DiLucia indicated that Gentile had served for some time as an arbitrator of U.S. Mafia disputes, suggesting that Gentile communicate quite a bit of his underworld exploits to DiLucia. In exchange for his cooperation in pending narcotics cases and the murders, Gentile wanted to be permitted to return to the U.S. with all charges against him dropped, and he wanted to be provided $18,000 to cover the bail bonds forfeited when he left the country. Gentile’s statement to DiLucia follows..."

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