Sunday, October 18, 2020

Murder of George Maisano

October 2020 Issue contents - Feature 

Los Angeles, 1906:

The Murder of George Maisano

By Justin Cascio

"Before Joseph Ardizzone became one of the first crime bosses of Los Angeles, he was the central figure in a series of murders. The shooting of George Maison and the revenge killings that followed powerfully illustrate the transition between the old and the new Mafias in America. According to legend, the violence originated in a long-standing feud between the Matranga and Ardizzone families, and it initiated a chain of events that led to the consolidation of the Mafia in Los Angeles in the early years of Prohibition. However, the story of Joseph Fusco and his fiancee, Angela, published after the September 1906 murder of Joseph Cuccia, suggests another origin of the conflict..."

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